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  • shown on DPMS LR308 in Khaki color.
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  • available colors.
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  • shown on SCAR 16
  • shown on SCAR 16
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  • shown on CZ BREN 805
  • if you want to be cool like this guy, get an Operator model Brass Catcher!
  • shown on CZ BREN 805
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  • shown on CZ BREN 805
  • the same brass catcher the professionals use.
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  • Coyote color shown on Operator Mid-length model.
  • lever orientation shown switched to the top locked to the rear.
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  • ATAC GHOST pattern shown on OPSTD model.
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Operator MID Length AR15-AR10/SCAR 16 compatible


Product Description

Operator Mid-Length - designed to be used on rifles with a measurement of

8.25” from tip of shell deflector to first picatinny rail groove on ejection port side.

Our 4 position detent feature allows 180 degrees of motion of the Operator Brass Catcher frame.  Allows the brass catcher to be moved out of the way to deal with hard malfunctions such as double feeds or failure to extract. also allows a range officer to observe the safety condition of the weapon from a distance.  Unlike others, our design requires NOTHING to be Unlocked (requiring extra time) for Operator brass catcher to be pivoted out of the way and chamber accessed.

  •  Highest Capacity in the industry- up to 150-5.56 cases /75-308 WIN cases.
  • Also compatible with DPMS LR308 type upper receiver with shell deflector/forward assist combination.
  • TBR design allows the brass catcher to be folded up and stored on the rifle space permitting.
  • TBR design allows spent gasses to vent upwards and away from the shooter instead of being bottled up and squeezed out toward the shooter.
  • Utilizes a true locking THROW LEVER MOUNT -no tools required for adjustment on both in-spec and out of spec picatinny railsTBR uses the highest quality mounts in the industry.
  • minimal profile for cqb/aviation/maritime operations.
  • unobstructed view of ejection port area with brass catcher in place allowing the shooter to make the “next decision” faster during a stoppage/malfunction.
  • No Extra Noise!  None of that annoying “box” noise…  Rigidly flexible design allows the brass catcher to absorb impact when encountering tight spaces during CQB.  Also does not create any resonance so you get none of that extra noise that solid aluminum or plastic boxes are known for.  Does not make noise when contacted by other objects like a branch or wall as you pass by. 
  • NO Brass catcher related malfunctions regardless of cyclic rate (dont try that with your brass catcher)..
  • 4 position detent feature allows 180 degrees of motion of the Operator Brass Catcher frame.  Allows the brass catcher to be moved out of the way to deal with hard malfunctions such as double feeds or failure to extract. also allows a range officer to observe the safety condition of the weapon from a distance.
  • this feature also comes in handy during temporary  or long term storage.
  • not compatible with HK MR762
  • Not compatible with BELT-FED upper receivers.
  • This model is compatible with SCAR 16.
  • not compatible with AR platform rifles equipped with Magpul MOE handguards.
  • • 14 ounces ships in 3 to 5 business days by USPS priority mail.

click on the link below to see available color swatches/patterns.


Product Videos

using the Operator brass catcher

  • using the Oper...
  • switch lever o...
    switch the lever orientation of American Defense mount. no too...
  • TBR Operator m...
    don't try this with your brass catcher...

Product Reviews

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  1. Fantastic

    Posted by Wayne on 14th May 2018

    Installation, function, materials, all first class don’t hesitate.

  2. Brass Chicken No More

    Posted by Anthony on 4th May 2018

    I received my mid length brass catcher and attached it to my Sig Sauer MCX Virtus 5.56 NATO. Not one case hit the ground, no FTE, and no burning of the bag material. I had no problems with excessing right side controls. This brass catcher is great and my range officers love it. Great job TBR and I will most likely get another if Sig ever puts out a MPX chambered in .45 ACP. Get yourself one.

  3. oh my god

    Posted by Ray on 25th Feb 2018

    I lose more bolt gun brass then gas gun now that I own this. Since I’ve purchased this catcher I’ve shot a 5 gallon bucket of 223 and a 5 gallon bucket of 300 BLK. I may have picked up 10 pieces of brass and that was from me missing the bucket I dumped the empties into. Best piece of gear I’ve purchased in a long time. I stalled a right side rail to all my ARs and with out any fuss I switch the bag between rifles while training so barrels can cool while I train with another. Great kit I need another one!

  4. Worth every penny

    Posted by Mike Wills on 20th Oct 2017

    I'm using this catcher on a JP LRP-07. I have shot 500 plus rounds using the catcher and have had zero malfunctions. I also have not wasted any time looking for spent brass. This is a great product!

  5. This product works!

    Posted by Ressor130 on 18th Sep 2017

    I bought this originally to run on my various AR15 and AR10 platforms. Its been fantastic on all of these including my AR Pistol. Additionally its working on my FX-9 AR from Classic Firearms. And it works on my Gen 2 CZ Scorpion which is really a giant bonus as I hate picking up brass.

  6. The BEST brass catcher period!

    Posted by Jacob on 15th Jun 2017

    If your on the fence about purchasing this product well then stop waiting because this works better than anything I have seen. Yes it's a bit pricey but it has a lifetime warranty and I feel like it's nicely made. I've been able to use it a few times and it catches 100 % of the spent brass from my AR15. I would like to see a ykk zipper but I was told of it ever breaks they will fix it. It doesn't have the best QD MOUNT but is very solid. I just can't easily unlock it as fast as I would like. Maybe add a LARUE Tactical mount and it would be even better . Still very happy and will most likely order a second

  7. This thing works.

    Posted by mike on 9th Mar 2017

    awesome addition to my rifle. Solid build and it's paid for itself already. Only wish I had a second one...install was easy use the multi position feature at the range. I love it.

  8. buying junk brass catchers

    Posted by james on 28th Jan 2017

    if you want to buy a junk brass catcher, go ahead. BUT IF YOU WANT AN INVESTMENT IN A PROFESSIONAL BRASS CATCHER, Y O U A R E H E R E go ahead you will be HAAAAAAPY. this is the real thing................

  9. Operator Mid Length AR15

    Posted by Shockwaver on 21st Jan 2017

    I ordered the Operator Mid Length for my AR15 . When it arrived I was inpressed with the quality of how it was made , couldn't waite to go to the range and put it to use. After doing so , again I was so inpressed I ordered a Second one for my Tavor . I would definitely recommend this, as I feel it is the best brass catcher on the market today.

  10. Fantastic!

    Posted by MB on 11th Dec 2016

    works great and built very well.

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