• MP5 brass catcher on MP5A3 MP5 / CZ Scorpion brass catcher

    MP5 / CZ Scorpion brass catcher

    smg model for picatinny rail equipped mp5 and similar clones of HK mp5.   Compatible with CZ SCORPION EVO SBR/Pistol. handguard will need to have picatinny rail installed on bore centeline on ejection port side. NOT compatible with CZ SCORPION EVO...

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  • MPX brass catcher

    MPX brass catcher

    model built specifically for SIG mpx GEN 1 or GEN 2. holds 200 or more 9mm cases. available now. uses true locking throw lever mount. click on link below to see available color swatches/patterns. https://www.dropbox...

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  • CZ SCORPION EVO brass catcher top mount

    top mount brass catcher for CZ SCORPION EVO pistol and Carbine models.   the following colors/patterns are available with additional lead time: Khaki, ATAC AU, ATAC LE, ATAC FG, ATAC IX, Black Multicam, Multicam, Gray, ATAC Ghost, Tiger Stripe,...

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