Frequently Asked Questions

What is the bag made out of? Can it handle rapid fire without the brass melting/burning the bag?

answer: our bags are made of canvas or other similar predominantly cotton blends so heat is not an issue with TBR bags like it is with the other mfrs.


how many slots does the Throw Lever quick connect/detach mount take up?

answer: the mount is 1 5/8" long and takes up 5 slots on a picatinny rail.


looks like my first rail slot is about 6 3/4 away from tip of shell deflector and slot indent ends at about 6 15/16".. my question is do you think these dimension would work for the "Operator STD" 7" brass catcher or do you think I would be better off with the mid length version?

answer: Those dimensions would work with the Operator STD.  That said, if you ever wanted to use it on another rifle that needed something a little longer then the mid-length would be an advantage.  Really depends on how you plan to use it or might want to use it on in the future.  I'm not trying to oversell but if you're looking for one brass catcher to use with many rifles than the mid-length is definitely the way to go.  The mid-length has its limits too, there are rifles that require something just a bit longer which is why we offer our LONG model.