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  • bolt gun brass catcher for Ruger Precision

    this model allows cycling bolt action and recovering brass without interference... coming soon.   click on the link below to see available color swatches/patterns.

  • for use with the High Rail position M249 brass and link catcher.

    FN M249 Factory Forearm with rail added

    the M249 factory Forearm with rail section installed for use with the HIGH Position M249 Brass Catcher. these Forearms are used/surplus and will have wear and scratches but they are serviceable.  if you want to save the "perfect" Forearm that came...

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  • FN Scar  H / 17 Brass Recovery Bag

    FN Scar H / 17 Brass Recovery Bag

      This model has been replaced by our "OPERATOR LONG" model. check the following link. Operator LONG AR15-AR10/SCAR 17 compatible Capacity is 100 .308 WIN cases. Developed for the Customs Border Protection ACR (Air Crew Rifle) program, this...

  • for use with tactical model shotguns equipped with picatinny rail over top of ejection port such as the Benelli M4 or Mossburg 930 as shown. shown here used as a kickstand on Mossburg 930 SPX.

    Hull Catcher

    model designed for tactical shotguns equipped with picatinny rails at 12 oclock position of receiver. Holds 20 or more hulls. intended for use on shotguns equipped with red dots sights, may obstruct open sites. click on the link below to see available...

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  • USPS Express upcharge

    ONLY when pre-arranged on request and when possible we can provide usps express expedited shipping. upcharge covers the additional cost in CONUS US. Please Note:  USPS does not guarantee overnight delivery, only 1 to 2 days. no refunds will be...

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  • MP5 brass catcher on MP5A3 MP5 / CZ Scorpion brass catcher

    MP5 / CZ Scorpion brass catcher

    smg model for picatinny rail equipped mp5 and similar clones of HK mp5.   Compatible with CZ SCORPION EVO SBR/Pistol. handguard will need to have picatinny rail installed on bore centeline on ejection port side. NOT compatible with CZ SCORPION EVO...

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  • shown on SCAR 17.  basket sits lower than other Operator models as it allows for charging handle operation with brass catcher in place. for SCAR rifles with charging handle installed on ejection port side.

    Operator SCAR chassis brass catcher

    is designed to work with the SCAR 17 with charging handle installed on the ejection port side. NOT compatible with AR15/AR10 platforms.   9.25" from rear inside to first rail. compatible with SCAR 17 with standard length picatinny rail. (charging...

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