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SCAR Platform

  • FN Scar  H / 17 Brass Recovery Bag

    FN Scar H / 17 Brass Recovery Bag

      This model has been replaced by our "OPERATOR LONG" model. check the following link. Operator LONG AR15-AR10/SCAR 17 compatible Capacity is 100 .308 WIN cases. Developed for the Customs Border Protection ACR (Air Crew Rifle) program, this...

  • Shown on FN PR/MK 20 SCAR rifle. Coyote color shown on Operator MID-Length model.

    OPERATOR SCAR 20S / FN PR / MK20 brass catcher

    model built long enough for the SCAR 20S / FN PR / MK20 precision rifle/sniper system. available in 2 configurations: AR15/AR10/SCAR compatible & SCAR only.  contact us for details. Our 4 position detent feature allows 180 degrees of motion...

  • shown on SCAR 17.  basket sits lower than other Operator models as it allows for charging handle operation with brass catcher in place. for SCAR rifles with charging handle installed on ejection port side.

    Operator SCAR chassis brass catcher

    is designed to work with the SCAR 17 with charging handle installed on the ejection port side. NOT compatible with AR15/AR10 platforms.   9.25" from rear inside to first rail. compatible with SCAR 17 with standard length picatinny rail. (charging...

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