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  • this photo highlights the difference between STD, MID-Length, and LONG Operator models.
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  • Larue Predat OBR
  • shown on Larue Predat OBR
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  • lever orientation shown switched to top.
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  • ATAC GHOST pattern shown on OPSTD model.
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Operator LONG AR15-AR10/SCAR 17/Larue PredatOBR compatible


Product Description

9.25" from rear inside to first rail. compatible with SCAR 17 with standard length picatinny rail. (charging handle opposite ejection port side)
Longer frame allows for use with systems having a picatinny rail starting further forward as shown on the SCAR and most monolithic upper receivers. NOT compatible with the HK MR762 handguard.  see HK MR762 model.

Also compatible with LARUE Predat OBR http://youtu.be/GRb3mbFMKhA 

Our 4 position detent feature allows 180 degrees of motion of the Operator Brass Catcher frame.  Allows the brass catcher to be moved out of the way to deal with hard malfunctions such as double feeds or failure to extract. also allows a range officer to observe the safety condition of the weapon from a distance.  Unlike others, our design requires NOTHING to be Unlocked (requiring extra time) for Operator brass catcher to be pivoted out of the way and chamber accessed.

  •  Highest Capacity in the industry- up to 150-5.56 cases /75-308 WIN cases.
  • Also compatible with DPMS LR308 type upper receiver with shell deflector/forward assist combination.
  • TBR design allows the brass catcher to be folded up and stored on the rifle space permitting.
  • TBR design allows spent gasses to vent upwards and away from the shooter instead of being bottled up and squeezed out toward the shooter.
  • Utilizes a true locking THROW LEVER MOUNT -no tools required for adjustment on both in-spec and out of spec picatinny rails.  TBR uses the highest quality mounts in the industry.
  • minimal profile for cqb/aviation/maritime operations.
  • unobstructed view of ejection port area with brass catcher in place allowing the shooter to make the “next decision” faster during a stoppage/malfunction.
  • No Extra Noise!  None of that annoying “box” noise…  Rigidly flexible design allows the brass catcher to absorb impact when encountering tight spaces during CQB.  Also does not create any resonance so you get none of that extra noise that solid aluminum or plastic boxes are known for.  Does not make noise when contacted by other objects like a branch or wall as you pass by. 
  • NO Brass catcher related malfunctions regardless of cyclic rate (dont try that with your brass catcher)..
  • 4 position detent feature allows 180 degrees of motion of the Operator Brass Catcher frame.  Allows the brass catcher to be moved out of the way to deal with hard malfunctions such as double feeds or failure to extract. also allows a range officer to observe the safety condition of the weapon from a distance.
  • this feature also comes in handy during temporary  or long term storage.

SHIPS in 3 to 5 business days by USPS Priority mail insured.

click on the link below to see available color swatches/patterns.


Product Videos

switch lever orientation TBR 00:28

switch the lever orientation of American Defense mount. no tools required.

  • switch lever o...
    switch the lever orientation of American Defense mount. no too...
  • using the Oper...
  • TBR Operator m...
    don't try this with your brass catcher...

Product Reviews

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  1. Best Brass Catcher

    Posted by Ryder J. on 18th Dec 2017

    As advertised, well designed, well built and perfectly functional! I really like the folding feature that allows me to keep it on the rifle for carry or when in a case.

  2. Perfect

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Sep 2017

    This thing is built like a tank, the QD feature is also really nice.

  3. Great product

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Aug 2017

    Saves a lot of time picking up brass and cleaner brass with no dust or muddy brass

  4. no headline

    Posted by Matt on 2nd Dec 2016

    I just received the bag and I can say that the improvement are amazing on this new version. This is one of the most impressive designs I have seen on a gun part in a very long time. Keep up the good work.

  5. outstanding , best on the market !

    Posted by Richard Underwood on 28th Oct 2016

    bought two , really great product ! fit my ar10 rifle and carbine perfectly Easy install ! well built !

  6. Should be considered a priority purchase

    Posted by Aaron Bagwell. Washington state. on 19th Sep 2016

    I put off this purchase for two years thinking it was a total luxury based on the price of similar products of simpler design. I was completely wrong. The functionality of the bag system coupled with being able to flick it out of the way of the chamber is worth every penny. I put it through a week long Montana prairie dog torture test basically unproven and it was flawless the entire time. I spend all winter hand loading cases for my yearly hunt and they are somewhat precious after all the steps I go through to make an AR platform act like a precision rifle. I shot 2773 rounds and came back with EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. This purchase passed two tests: I can't build it myself for the same money , and it worked better than advertised. I never chased brass. As a bonus the bag is large enough to hold my entire bulk individual lots of headstamps and sort outs. As side benefit is that it let my walk miles away from the shooting table and still be organized. I could flip it and toss it while walking and the flap still held all the brass. It works just as flawless on all my .308 as well. This huge and overwhelmingly positive review is so you don't agonize over your gun dollars-- we all know you're sitting on the couch putting a build together in your head wondering why you would buy this first instead of that adjustable trigger or match grade BCG. Surprise yourself and move this up the priority list. Annnnnd yes, I'm secretly hoping TBR will read this and send me another one even though I have the quick attach model and can move it between guns. It's THAT awesome.

  7. Expensive brass recovery was a success!

    Posted by Greg Hamilton on 11th Sep 2016

    I took a chance based on another fellow competitors experience with the TBR device for an upcoming match in Wyoming. I was going to be shooting a 6mm Creedmoor that has relatively expensive brass when compared to a 223. There would not be any time during the match to pick up brass and posed a potential problem when shooting 300 rounds over 2.5 days. Brass recovery was a snap, but the Range Officers really appreciated the ease of showing a clear chamber before moving to the next shooting position. I shot up to 80 rounds in one session that posed no feeding or extraction issues. This was a win that essentially paid for itself in it first outing with the recovery of 100% of the fired brass.

  8. Outstanding Quality

    Posted by Scott Merchant on 2nd Aug 2016

    I bought the long unit and it works great on my Scar 17, AR, and AR pistol. well engineered and well build. It allows my Left handed son to shoot the rifles as well. will buy more of these..

  9. Best of the group

    Posted by Unknown on 20th May 2016

    I've seen lots of brass catchers, but this is the best of what is in the market. High quality and nicely made. I got a Operator Long model for AR10 and SCAR 17. It fits lots of my other guns as well from AR9 to AR15 to SCAR. Well built quality product that could last a lifetime.

  10. Amazing

    Posted by Jmac on 21st Apr 2016

    Once you start using high end Ammo with excellent brass you would like to get the most use out of your purchase. This product allows you to retain the brass for reloading, whether you are at the range or hunting for critters. Thumbs up.

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