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  • Green fabric shown.
  • Green fabric shown.
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  • shown on DPMS LR308 with shell deflector/forward assist combination.
Khaki/tan fabric.
  • currently being evaluated by the US Marine Corps.
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  • the same brass catchers the professionals use.
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  • if you want to be cool like this classy lady, get one of these Operator model brass catchers!
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  • ATAC GHOST pattern shown on OPSTD model.
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  • Coyote fabric shown.
  • Multicam fabric shown.
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Operator STD Length AR15-AR10


Product Description

  • OPERATOR Standard Length model.
  • Requires picatinny rail within 7" of tip of shell deflector.
  • compatible with DPMS type upper receiver with shell deflector/forward assist combination.
  • not compatible with HK MR762

Our 4 position detent feature allows 180 degrees of motion of the Operator Brass Catcher frame.  Allows the brass catcher to be moved out of the way to deal with hard malfunctions such as double feeds or failure to extract. also allows a range officer to observe the safety condition of the weapon from a distance.  Unlike others, our design requires NOTHING to be Unlocked (requiring extra time) for Operator brass catcher to be pivoted out of the way and chamber accessed.

  •  Highest Capacity in the industry- up to 150-5.56 cases /75-308 WIN cases.
  • Also compatible with DPMS LR308 type upper receiver with shell deflector/forward assist combination.
  • TBR design allows the brass catcher to be folded up and stored on the rifle space permitting.
  • TBR design allows spent gasses to vent upwards and away from the shooter instead of being bottled up and squeezed out toward the shooter.
  • Utilizes a true locking THROW LEVER MOUNT -no tools required for adjustment on both in-spec and out of spec picatinny rails.  TBR uses the highest quality mounts in the industry.
  • minimal profile for cqb/aviation/maritime operations.
  • unobstructed view of ejection port area with brass catcher in place allowing the shooter to make the “next decision” faster during a stoppage/malfunction.
  • No Extra Noise!  None of that annoying “box” noise…  Rigidly flexible design allows the brass catcher to absorb impact when encountering tight spaces during CQB.  Also does not create any resonance so you get none of that extra noise that solid aluminum or plastic boxes are known for.  Does not make noise when contacted by other objects like a branch or wall as you pass by. 
  • NO Brass catcher related malfunctions regardless of cyclic rate (dont try that with your brass catcher)..
  • 4 position detent feature allows 180 degrees of motion of the Operator Brass Catcher frame.  Allows the brass catcher to be moved out of the way to deal with hard malfunctions such as double feeds or failure to extract. also allows a range officer to observe the safety condition of the weapon from a distance.
  • this feature also comes in handy during temporary  or long term storage.

SHIPS in 3 to 5 business days Priority Mail insured.

click on the link below to see available color swatches/patterns.


Product Videos

switch lever orientation TBR 00:28

switch the lever orientation of American Defense mount. no tools required.

  • switch lever o...
    switch the lever orientation of American Defense mount. no too...
  • using the Oper...
  • TBR Operator m...
    don't try this with your brass catcher...

Product Reviews

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  1. i liked it so much i ordered one for my TAVOR

    Posted by J F on 16th Dec 2016

    I just received my brass catcher for my AR. today . I liked it so much I ordered one for my Tavor. These are absolutely the best brass catchers on the market that I have found. Thanks for taking time to make such a great product

  2. Very Functional

    Posted by Louis, So Cal on 20th Nov 2016

    This brass catcher is by far the best out there. Works awesome on my Sig 716. Rapid fire, it gobbles up the brass. Don't hesitate, get yours today. You won't regret it. Lew is very helpful if you need a real person to discuss any details. Thanks Lew!


    Posted by Jay on 13th Jun 2016

    I have purchased two brass catchers prior to this one. I spent a lot of time trying to find something that would work well and thought I would give this one a try. It is much more expensive than the others I looked at but worth every penny. It is made well, works well and even looks good. This unit is very well thought out.

  4. Thank you Lew for all your help

    Posted by Name withheld by request on 27th May 2016

    I put a Monstrum Tactical AR-15 extended drop in quad rail with FSP cut out (had to modify for bayonet lug) on my Ruger AR556.and discovered it was Weaver dimensioned (.!87 inch) on the slots. TBR special ordered a mount to fit this smaller sized slot. Great customer service. Thanks. I now own three TBR brass catchers in various configurations.

  5. sweet!!!

    Posted by Mike on 9th May 2016

    These catchers are sweet!!!! My buddy saw mine and made me order one for him. No more wasted time ...no more walking on brass. Mike


    Posted by Steven Werner on 6th May 2016

    I've had both hips replaced and one knee. This item is a blessing for me. No more bending over to pick up my brass. Excellent quality and functions perfectly. Highly recommend for anyone, handicapped or not.


    Posted by Steve on 21st Apr 2016

    We hunt pigs out of a Blackhawk helicopter and I usually shoot from the left side gunners door, which was throwing brass all over the pilots, controls and instruments. This could have been dangerous had a brass been lodged in controls. I tried other types of brass catchers, but they would all jam since I have a side bolt release discharge on the AR Platform. I had to cut out a small piece of the top cover to make room for the Aimpoint mount, No big deal, used a dremmel tool. Now all pilots are happy, and its a lot safer not having brass fly around controls surfaces in the Blackhawk. I have not lost one piece of brass. I thought when I bought it it was a bit pricey, but the customer service and quality are great. The Quick Detach works perfect, the swivel works perfect and I can see it will last me a lifetime, on any AR platform I want to put it on. It is not real bulky and allow me to shoot from different positions and still catches the brass. The brass wont fall out because of the little weighted flap inside. I highly recommend it. Do yourself a favor and get one.

  8. Worth the money

    Posted by Jhop from Texas on 29th Feb 2016

    The saying "You get what you pay for" holds true for the Operator Standard length brass catcher I bought from Tacticalbrassrecovery.com. I seen a few reviews online at various sources and on YouTube. I was a little hesitance to spend this amount of money on a brass catcher. However when hog hunting with my 6.8 I was losing more than half my brass every time I went out. Which for the amount I hunt equaled 50-60 cases a month if not more. Since I reload, the cost of losing brass starts to add up. I rarely lose any brass now, if I do it's because I didn't close it properly. It even keeps the brass trapped in the bag while I run across fields on occasion. I thought with the bulking look of the brass catcher it would cause problems for my type of hunting. I hog hunt from dusk to dawn from a truck. Frequently getting in and out of the truck to stalk pigs. However this brass catcher doesn't get in the way at all. It's super easy to take on and off, swings out of the way with ease if you need to look at your chamber for any reason. I have not experienced any jams/stove pipes white the brass catcher on either. While I've fired less than 500 hundred rounds while using the brass catcher on a few AR's, I couldn't be happier with it. I highly recommend buying one if you're a reloader or want to save your brass.

  9. Works great

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Feb 2016

    Well built, looks good on rifle. Catches all my 6.8 brass and has never caused a jam. Couldn't ask for more.

  10. better than the HK

    Posted by Derrick on 24th Nov 2015

    i bought this and the comparable model from HK pro.
    this is hands down better and over $100 cheaper so i sent the hk back. this one actually folds up just about everyway i like.
    the hk caused jams with my fostech bumpfire rifle. save your money and get this.

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